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Aviation Services & Media provides marketing, public relations, and event management services to companies in the space of aviation and tourism. 
This includes consulting as well as implementation.

We are by your side start to finish delivering you what you need to succeed.


At Aviation Services & Media, you will profit from over 30 years of the owner’s experience and his strong network of partners.
Companies that want to outsource these kinds of services to an external partner have found just the place!

We allow you to act based on your specific needs, bridge temporary crunch times, and use a professional and well-established network.


Lutz Schönfeld

  • Higher Education:
    Economics with specialization in aviation
  • more than 30 years of professional experience and uninterrupted work in the field of aviation with a strong focus on marketing, public relations, and event management
  • regular trainings to stay up to date with recent developments
  • comprehensive knowledge in the field of aviation
  • knowledge of Berlin as aviation destination inside out
  • Experienced organizer of trade shows, conventions, press conferences, and events
  • Tour guidance and supervision
  • established network with strong partners


“I turned my passion into a vocation”


After finishing my studies as a degreed engineer of economics in the field of aviation, I could pursue my dream: a career in the field of aviation.


Now I can look back on over 30 years of experience and passionate work at airlines and airports. 
I developed my core focus on marketing, public relations, and event management. 
Through regular training and certifications I keep up to date with recent developments and further increase the knowledge in my field.
In 2009 the next stage in my professional life was founding Aviation Services & Media. 
This enabled me to connect my field-specific knowledge with my vast network, so I can provide tailored services to my clients.

Our Services


We tailor your company profile to your target market and support you with public events.


We broker advertising services in the areas of aviation and competetive sports. Together we create an advertising concept that delivers your message.


We handle your internal and external communication procedures from press releases and journalistic services to running press conferences.