We tailor your corporate profile to your market and support you at conventions, trade shows, and other PR events.


We broker advertising services in the areas of aviation and competitive sports. Together we co-create a consistent advertisement concept.

Press / Public Relations

We handle the internal and external communication of press releases, journalistic articles all the way to running press conferences for you.



Based on your or our analyses we will give you targeted support for all your marketing activities.

Target and Market Definition

  • Definition of your target audience and your market
  • analysis of the market in your field

Corporate Identity

Analysis, definition, and implementation of your corporate identity



Trade shows / events

We support you by preparing your PR activities, helping you design them, or taking them over completely


Placement of advertisements in the areas of aviation and competitive sports

We connect the dots:

Based on your marketing strategy we support you with your advertising as well as sponsoring in competitive sports.
To reach the best possible outcome for all partners we are leveraging our outstanding advertisement platforms in the field of aviation and our well-established network in competitive sports.

Tailored advertising materials



We provide you with materials that are tailored to your target audience and specific to your company. These range from small promotional gifts up to representative presents.
Leave a lasting impression with these unique services!

Press and Public Relations

Press releases / newsletter

  • Writing of press releases
  • Definition of the target group-specific press mailing list
  • Placement of journalistic coverage in specialist media
  • creating connections to journalists


Preparation and implementation of press releases, interviews, press talks, and press trips (with us either supporting or running the entire trip)

Internet Presence

Definition and design of your internet presence tailored to your target audience

Print Media

Production of brochures and magazines relevant to your business

Internal und external Communication

Alignment of Communication Concepts